Transition to Adult Healthcare: Changes in Age Policy

Updated 10/11/23

At Dr. Bou Pediatrics, we have had the immense privilege of providing healthcare from infancy through young adulthood. Our mission has always been to offer comprehensive and compassionate care tailored to the unique needs of children and young adults. As part of our continuous effort to uphold the highest standards of care, we are making some changes to our age policy to ensure that all our patients receive age-appropriate medical care from providers specialized to meet their evolving healthcare needs.


Starting from 1/1/2024, our practice will transition to serving patients aged 0 to 17. Below are the details regarding this transition and how it may affect you:


  1. Grace Period:
    • Current patients who are 18 years and older will continue to receive care until the end of the year (12/31/23).
    • This grace period is designed to provide ample time for transitioning to a new healthcare provider specialized in adult medicine.

  2. Document Assistance:
    • We are here to assist in completing any required college entry or military forms.
    • This service remains available even after transitioning to an adult healthcare provider.

  3. Medication Refills:
    • Patients with active medication refills should initiate the process of finding a new healthcare provider before their 18th birthday.
    • In some circumstances, one additional refill may be approved post the 18th birthday, subject to executive approval.

  4. Special Circumstances:
    • Exceptionally, in cases involving complex medical care, an executive may approve continued medical care beyond age 18.
    • Each case will be individually evaluated to ensure a smooth and beneficial continuity of care.

  5. Finding a New Doctor:
    • Utilize the tools provided by your insurance company to locate a new practice, preferably with an Internal Medicine doctor for adult medical care.
    • Upon selecting a new doctor, we will coordinate the transfer of your medical records to ensure a seamless continuity of care. A signed medical records release form will be required for this process.

  6. Your Next Steps:
    • Reach out to your insurance company to request a reassignment to a new doctor.
    • Obtain a medical records release form from your new doctor, complete it, and return it to us to facilitate the transfer of your medical records.

Our team is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. We are available to address any concerns and provide assistance during this transition period. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 813-719-3716 (Plant City) or 813-948-8814 (Wesley Chapel).


We are grateful for the trust and confidence you have placed in us over the years. Although this transition comes with mixed emotions, we are confident that it is a step towards ensuring optimal healthcare provision as you step into adulthood.


Thank you for being a valued member of the Dr. Bou Pediatrics family. We wish you nothing but the best in your journey towards continued good health and well-being.

Warmest regards,


Sal Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Bou Pediatrics